Welcome to Journeys in Style! I hope that you will enjoy traveling through my website and that the romantic, adventurous and exciting destinations that I represent in North America will inspire you to include them into your own trips or for those of your clients.

I offer a sales and marketing representation service for these African destinations which are located in East and Southern Africa. My focus is to educate the travel industry about them which I do via seminars and face-to-face meetings with agents and tour operators throughout America and Canada. I keep brochure supplies, have access to their most current rates and I have also spent time in each of these safari lodges and boutique hotels. I have a superb understanding and knowledge of the experiences that are available at each one.

Please visit the South Africa, Kenya, and Botswana destination pages you will be taken directly through to the array of properties and from there you can also explore their own websites at the click of a button.

So sit back and relax, don your pith helmet and put down your tray table as you start your adventure with Journeys in Style!

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